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Moving Tips

Once completed new lease

  • Check the new lease carefully, may be examined by specialist let (
  • Remove the old lease submitted promptly and correctly terminate (only if the new lease is signed), the letter must arrive at the landlord by the last day before the start of the contractually agreed period of notice. In an extraordinary scheduling termination suggest the landlord three equivalent tenant.
  • Arrange handover date of the old apartment with the administration.
  • Arrange handover date of the new flat with the new administration.
  • Specify moving date.
  • Set cleaning appointment.
  • Check whether the Internet / TV provider offers his services at the new residence and examine the possible speed (you can check on the customer's website). If no reception at the new location is possible, the contract may be terminated except for scheduled.
  • Moving Company: Moving Company committed, at least 2-3 quotes compare dates and prices can be confirmed in writing.. See article "engage Moving Company".
  • Without Moving Company: Moving Car reserve requests which move materials are available in the car or have to be rented.
  • Indispensable

  • A stack moving blankets to protect furniture.
  • Fastening straps / tensioning sets.
  • Without moving company: Moving helpers for organizing (Caution liability insurance of helpers sense).
  • Cleaning Service: Cleaning company involved, at least 2-3 quotes compare (just over possible).. Confirm in writing dates and prices. See article "involved cleaning company".
  • Without cleaning company: cleaning helper for organizing (Caution liability insurance of helpers).
  • Children: unsubscribe school / kindergarten at the old site and log on to the new location.
  • 1-2 Months prior to the move

  • Clarify accurate delivery date + time of the old apartment with the landlord.
  • Accurate acquisition date + time of the new apartment clarify the owner.
  • Damage to the old property that can not be rectified even, administrative and liability insurance report.
  • Request ground plan of new apartment by the landlord or measure, note room height and roof pitches.
  • Clear out of the basement, floor, garage, patio (Brockenhaus evt. Order). No longer need furniture give away, sell or discard.
  • Furniture revisions: dates with cabinetmaker for defective and in need of revision Furniture agree. Bring before the move and arrange pick-up date for after the move.
  • Enter the available free day with the employer. In Switzerland, you may by law at least one day (max. 1 per year) for your move to.
  • Packaging material procure. Arrange for the new apartment covering for the floor during the move.
    a. From reins Shops
    b. Rental Offers
    c. Department stores: IKEA, TopTip, etc.
    d. From friends / acquaintances.
  • Depletion of frozen and emergency supplies.
  • If necessary search for new furniture and purchased to the new address. When new furniture is to be expected to some extent with longer delivery times.
  • 2 - 4 Weeks before the move

  • Change of address perform, create mail redirection order.
    a. Bank / Postfinance / credit card company
    b. Residents (dogs necessary if you own one).
    c. Tax Office
    d. nursery, kindergarten, school
    e. Military / civilian / civil defense, fire
    f. employers
    g. Strassenverkehrsamt
    h. health insurance and insurance companies (insurance check, if necessary adjust).
    i. magazines and newspapers
    j. Self-employed and retired persons: AHV compensation fund
    k. electricity, gas and water works (to show the reading the exact moving date notified).
    l. Telephone, Internet and TV (precisely on moving date!)
    m. Billag (radio and television concession)
    n. Associations and Institutions
    o. doctor and dentist
    p. Home delivery services
  • Start with packing: first ancillary areas such as cellar, floor, garage, patio, then the office and living room. When packing choose a meaningful system so that the boxes can be placed in the right room at the destination (lettering, numbering, color glue). Because of confusion not use rubbish bags to pack. Paper bags are also rather unfavorable, as they can be in the vehicle badly stacked.
  • Pack information
    a. Boxes loaded maximum 25 kg.
    b. Books, plates, make images possible edgewise.
    c. China, glasses, plates upend and good cushion.
    d. Label boxes on the page, so that can also be read in whole crate stacking the content.
  • If necessary: ​​Parking at the police station (or in some cases in the municipality) have reservations (old and new place).
  • Create furniture parking plan for the new apartment, into account electricity, telephone, TV + connection. Multiple copy for the move. Tip: Draw the plan and the large furniture to scale, so that the plan also rises. Big furniture can be excised from a separate paper, and so can be pushed back and forth on the plan, which suits you best.
  • Check whether all the keys from previous rentals are available.
  • House caretaker and neighbors Inform.
  • A week before the move

  • Moving Company: Details of the move with the moving company denied.
  • Arrange details to rent levy the old apartment with the landlord and the cleaning company and agree on the exact date.
  • In your own cleaning of the old rental property enough cleaning supplies and material procure.
  • Big plants only little casting depending on the transport situation (can make a substantial difference in weight account).
  • Valuable and fragile small objects if possible personally, separately reins.
  • Start with packing in the living rooms. Remove furniture and drawers completely empty trays from dressers and shelves.
  • Dismantle Depending on agreement with the moving company furniture, packaging installation hardware in plastic bag and store it separately, so you are at the new location at hand. (Never put it in a box, as this will unfortunately always be untraceable somewhere very bottom at a stacks of boxes).
  • Remove nails, screws and plugs from the walls and fill with Moltofill / putty.
  • If necessary, carry out minor repairs.
  • organize care for young children.
  • If present, organize care for pets.
  • Planning of the food that it rises to the refrigerator and inventories as possible.
  • A day before the move

  • Reserve parking if possible self (the old and the new location).
  • Provide cleaning materials and garbage bags separately.
  • Arrange / provide 3 meals for the move.
  • Things that should not be curbed, easily visible lettering, gather in one place as possible.
  • Deploy coolbox for frozen products, freezer might melt.
  • Without Moving Company: Car pick up (driving license with you).
  • Pack important utensils for the new apartment at hand: toilet paper, soap, kitchen cloth, kitchen towel, garbage bags, cleaning materials, tools, adhesive tape, pencil, extension cords, light bulbs / lamps.
  • If possible at the new place already to ensure lighting, often want to until late in the night assemble furniture.
  • Packaging of the entire House Council must be completed before the move. Most of the boxes are first invited and there is a significant overhead when not everything was packed.
  • Depending on the agreement with the moving company / cleaning company get cash.