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About us

Kemal Tamcan
Managing Director
Ergül Dede
Work consultant - Project Manager
Deniz Nofel
Move Manager
Maher Muhi
Move employee
Rico Molino
Valet Service
Leo Han

About Us

The removal company Umzuscenter AG  has prescribed a green service concept for environmental reasons, where the customer can rent robust moving boxes made of plastic at low prices, nationwide.

The Umzuscenter AG  team wants to make moving easier and offers a sustainable, all-round moving service for all types of removals (private removals, office removals, the transport of fine art). Everything from a single source. Starting from the individual renting of stable plastic moving boxes right up to the takeover of the entire move, the customer can decide to what extent he wants to use our services. "We specialize in low-cost rental of folding plastic crates. The standard moving boxes made of cardboard are discontinued models, often intended for a single use. The future of the new boxes is characterized by sustainability and environmental friendliness"

The benefits of moving boxes are obvious, according to Dede: Hiring them is much cheaper than buying new moving boxes made of cardboard. The PP plastic material provides greater stability and consequently offers a certain user-friendliness.

Unlike with cardboard, up to five moving boxes can be stacked in a stable and space-saving way during transport. The accuracy of fit of the folding boxes allows the load to be better secured during transport. All moving boxes have a lid, are waterproof and can be sealed if required. Besides, due to their appearance they contribute to clarity because the boxes are available in two different sizes and ten different colours. Labelling of boxes is not needed because the colours of the moving boxes demonstrate which room the contents of the box is for. Expendable materials like adhesives and signal tape are also not needed.

Which services does Umzuscenter AG  specialise in?

Moving boxes and moving material hiring

Customers can easily rent the material they need for their move, comfortably by telephone or online. The number of necessary moving boxes for the removal can be calculated on the website. In addition to the foldable PP plastic boxes, moving boxes and furniture rollers, luggage carts, tool kits, furniture carrying straps and moving covers are also available to hire. The customer can either pick up the material in store or it have it delivered to your home and be picked up again after the move. The company supplies all of the cantons of Switzerland.

Moving vehicle hire

Removal vans can also be hired. These are designed for removals of all kinds. The automatic gearbox, as well as the reversing camera, enable easy and safe control of the vehicle. Comfort is complemented by the bluetooth hands-free car kit as well as an interior light with a motion sensor. In order for the furniture to withstand transport without becoming damaged, upholstered panels are assembled specifically for attachment in the cargo hold. The installed insulation protects against excessive heat and cold. If it rains, the rain flap attached to the vehicle prevents the boxes from becoming wet. Thus, every moving vehicle is equipped with the needed attatchment- and movingmaterial like wool blankets, lashing straps, furniture rollers and push carts.

Of course, the customer can also delegate a whole move to the Rental Moving Boxes team. The transport is individually tailored to the customer's requirements. Customer satisfaction and flexibility is a top priority for Rental Moving Boxes because they want to maintain their high standards and continually develop, whilst remaining true to their principles at the same time.